The Topic for this meeting was:
"Top 2 Mistakes Most People Make with Facebook Ads"

  1. Running a Boring Ad
  2. Running a good (non boring Ad) that still doesn't attract anyone

It's kind of obvious about a boring ad, you just need to try get creative and put up something interesting. With the second mistake though, running a pretty good ad that still is not interesting to the audience, is an easy mistake to make. You need to think of how your audience sees it. Imaging people who see your Ad asking themselves "what's in it for me?". Try to think of it from their point of view. A good Ad is interesting, entertaining, or useful. Offer a coupon, helpful information and helpful tips, or a discount or special offer.

Some of the feedback at the meeting included the idea to hook up a PC to the large monitor in the room and look at some Ads.

For the next meeting we'll be looking at the Facebook Ads Manager to see how you create Ads.

We'll also be looking at examples of good Ads that work, and not so good Ads that don't work.

It's not only a bad Ad that causes failure. You could be showing your Ads to the wrong audience. So we'll look at the audience selection options in the Facebook Ads manager at the next meeting too.

We've booked the meeting room at the Common Grounds Coffee House in Alexandria for November 4th, but I think we'll have our next meeting October 28th. I don't want to wait 2 weeks before the next meeting.

So get on our email list and our Facebook Group so we can keep you posted on our meetings. Everyone is welcome!


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