Topic: Demontration of Creating Facebook Ads

Introductions - what worked or didn't from members - 20 minutes
Main Topic and valuable tip - 20 minutes
Case Study and Q & A - 20 minutes

At the meeting we walked through creating a Facebook Ad on the screen. There are many options to consider. We talked about the main ones and a couple of extremely important ones.

First of all, for local businesses who just want a lot of exposure, using the "Daily Unique Reach" setting in the Ad Set makes a huge difference. It's what you should use if you want your Ad to be seen but "A LOT" of people.

However, there are some situations where you would NOT want to use this setting. It's a really important thing to know as it makes a huge difference for what you're trying to accomplish.

In the video below we are discussing some of these things that matter most. The group is actively using Facebook Ads and reporting back about what their results are.

Each meeting we'll be sharing results and trying things to improve results.

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