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Grab my 12 Step Checklist: "Success with Online Ads" and Free Mini Course to Attract More Customers without Spending a Fortune!

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Online Ads Can Get Amazing Results, but - Don't Waste Your Money by Doing it Wrong!

12 Step Checklist - Success with Online Ads

  • 12 SUPER important points to make Your Online Ads Get Results - and not waste money

FREE Mini Course for Online Ads

  • Which is better - Facebook or Google Ads
  • How to set up and run your Ads
  • Changing a default setting that wastes your money
  • 2 advanced topics for amazing results

5 lessons in 5 days. Delivered via email each day, with a link to a 10 minute video lesson.

Day 1 (today) - The "12 Step Checklist" overview

Day 2 - Google and Facebook Account Setup Basics
Easy to follow screen tutorial for setting up Google Adwords Accounts and Facebook Ad Accounts

Day 3 - Google and Facebook Ad Campaign Structure
A Quick overview of the structure of both Google Ads Campaigns and Facebook Ads Campaigns

Day 4 - Messaging - What your Ad says matters
Super important insight on the messaging in Ads

Day 5 - Remarketing Basics - Making Your Ads Follow Customers
Remarketing is probably the most powerful tactic used in Online Advertising. We'll look at both Facebook and Google Remarketing setup.

We'll also cover: How to increase your Click Through Rate from 1% or less to more than 10%. This works every time. And it's a pretty simple method. But most people don't do it. (Click through Rate is the number of times your Ad gets clicked compared to how many times its shown).

Each lesson will be sent straight to you via email (one each day).

PS: This is not intended to put you through long, boring training or make you an expert. It simply provides some of the most useful and powerful points about online advertising in a quick and easy mini course.

It's Quality Information that's easy to read, view, and understand.

jeff meland

Working for years as a web designer and Online Ads consultant, I manage and consult on both Google and Facebook Ads accounts for my clients. 

I enjoy helping people use Online Advertising successfully so they don't make mistakes, get bad results, or waste their money.
~ Jeff