This is a really big deal and can make a huge difference especially with businesses advertising to local customers. But first lets go over a few basics that will help you get the most out of this. The various parts of building Facebook Ads are the Campaign which has an objective, the Ad Set which is where you specify the audience, schedule and budget, and the Ad design where you design the Ad itself.

Ad Campaign and it's Objective
The objective you choose changes some of the control you have over your Ads. For example choosing the post engagement objective will prevent you from using a call to action button like "learn more". If you want to use a call to action button and have someone click to your website you need to use another objective like the "Clicks to Website" objective.

But the other really big thing that changes depending on the objective you choose is who your Ad gets shown to. For example if you choose the "Local Awareness Objective" your Ad will automatically use an optimization setting that tells Facebook to show your Ad to as many people as possible without regard to who might respond better or worse. You'll still have control of your audience settings such as age, gender, location, interests, etc. If you use the "Clicks to Website" objective Facebook will try to show your Ads to people who are more likely to click.

Ad Set
As mentioned above the Ad Set is where you define your audience, schedule and budget. But there are two more settings. Placement and Optimization & Delivery. Placement allows you to control where your Ad shows. Options include the Facebook news feed, Facebook right column, Instagram, and the Audience Network. Optimization & Delivery options include various options in line with the Campaign objective such as "Clicks to Website". It also includes "Impressions" and "Daily Unique Reach". The "Impressions" option tells Facebook to show your Ad to people as many times as possible. The "Daily Unique Reach" option tells Facebook to show your Ad to people up to once a day.

facebook ads placement settings

The lowest level in the category is the Ad itself. You can choose various Ad formats such as single image, multiple images, carousel images, video, slideshows, etc. You also enter the headline and description here.

How to Get 10X More Exposure
The key is the "Optimization & Delivery" setting. As mentioned above you can tell Facebook how, or who, to show your Ads to. The default is usually going to be in line with your Campaign Objective such as "Clicks to Website" or "Post Engagement". But if you're advertising to a smaller, local audience that setting will not give you much exposure. As an example I've run an Ad for a few days with the "Post Engagement" objective and my Ad was only seen by a few hundred people. Then I changed the Optimization for Ad Delivery option (under the Optimization & Delivery section in the Ad Set) and the number of people my Ad reach went from a few hundred to more than 3,000!

facebook ads optimization & delivery settings

facebook ads optimization & delivery settings

The Caveat
You have to keep one thing in mind about this however. Showing your Ads to as many people as possible may be fine, but showing your Ads to people who are absolutely not your potential customers may be a waste of money. This may not be a huge concern though as the cost of using Facebook Ads is relatively lower than many other forms of advertising. Also, you can and should certainly narrow down your audience by age and gender if appropriate for your business.

All of this is assuming you are advertising locally. Not statewide or nationwide. If you're advertising locally in a town that includes 150,000 or less people this can be a very effective strategy.

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