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How to Get Started with Google Ads

Will it work for you? First of all you need to know if you should even be using Google Ads. It’s not for everyone, but a lot of people can benefit if they use it right. The basic question to ask is this. Are people searching on Google for what I offer? If the answer…

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Web Discovery Seminar

Web Discovery Seminar Google and Facebook Advertising – How to do Online Video – Facebook Live and YouTube Streaming – Setting up an Online Business to Work from Home – Avoiding the Latest PC Scams and Viruses! Hampton Inn Alexandria Tuesday, August 23rd SESSION 1: How to use Video in your Online Advertising: Including Live Streaming on…

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How to check Facebook Ads Results

Go to the “Ads Manager” to check your Facebook Ads Statistics. The video below shows you how to do this. You will see your Ad results such as clicks, click through rate, cost per click, total cost, and various engagement statistics. Looking at your Ad results is important, but it doesn’t mean all that much…

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Is a $10 boost on Facebook worth it?

How much advertising can you get from a $10 boost on Facebook? Well here’s an example. I recently video recorded a friend of mine who is in my business networking group while he was doing his one minute speech about his business. He is an insurance agent. I posted it on our networking group Facebook…

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Facebook for your Business? Why?

When you’re familiar with using Facebook like a lot of people are, it’s not all the difficult to move into using it for your business. But what about those who are never online or have not joined Facebook. It may not be very clear to them about how it works, or how it could work…

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Facebook Advertising for Local Businesses

Get your business up and running fast on Facebook Advertising. It’s not difficult and can be very effective if done correctly. You’ll need these things: Facebook Page for your business Facebook Ads Account Payment method entered into your Ads Account Your best idea(s) to get attention to your business Facebook Page You may already have…

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Facebook Ads Account Setup for Clients

If you are a small business owner wanting to set up your Facebook Ads account and have a consultant help you with your advertising – or – if you are a Facebook Ads consultant and want to know how to set up your client’s Facebook Ads account in their own Facebook account so everything can…

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How many people see your Facebook Posts?

jeff meland

It’s been changing over time. Posts by Pages for businesses and organizations are seen by fewer people than before. According to Agorapulse the average estimate is that 22% of your Page fans may see your posts. If you have fewer than 1000 fans however that estimate is 32%. Between 1000 and 10,000 fans the estimate is 20%. For…

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What I learned about Facebook Ads – So Far

This happened. I created the most beautiful, awesome, powerful Facebook post ever created (I thought). It would get all kinds of engagement. Likes, clicks, comments, and shares. Then I put some money into it to promote it. But guess what. No one was interested. Hardly any clicks, no interest at all. Why did this happen? Why…

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